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Get the instruction that your Service Drive needs - to move from order takers to communicators who can close those large repair orders. Our online sales training platform leverages the science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming to help your Service Drive team understand how and why people buy.

Steve Shaw

Steve Shaw is an educator, public speaker, writer and mentor. He has spent more than two decades transforming lackluster dealerships into customer-focused, profitable operations.

While his clients report unsurpassed sales, higher profits, and greater customer longevity, Shaw wanted to tackle the elephant in the room: What happens when the expert consultant leaves?

We all know the story. Over time, the excitement and attention to detail fades. So you fly the consultant back, quarter after quarter, year after year.

The Online Auto Academy has taken the teachings that Steve uses in dealerships across the US, and broken them down into bite size segments; combining a short video and reinforcing exercises. Weaving in larger test sections and supplementary materials, Steve is able reach the Advisor at their level, without spending days in training and off the drive.

Whether it is on a break, over lunch or while the drive is slow, your Service Advisor’s can jump on any internet connected device and access this training; even from their iPhone, Android or iPad devices. All of it tracked by our system and beautifully reported to your management team!

Over the years, he's worked every position possible at a dealership. His experience has taught him first-hand how to educate, lead, and inspire the Service Advisors and work crew in a fixed-operations department. He's perfected the process of improving customer satisfaction to an art. His proven skills have given him a well-deserved reputation for taking dozens of stores to new levels of profitability. Shaw's clients report unsurpassed sales, higher profits, and greater customer longevity.


Curriculum designed to meet your needs based upon years of real-world results:


Using Neuro Linguistic Programming, learn what triggers a customer to buy.


Deal with fewer objections in the sales process.


Repeat customers are born when they believe the Advisor is on their side.


No retailer can maintain a strong reputation when paying customers are confused.


Reliability comes from communicating the value of what you are providing.


Customers who are satisfied with the experience come back, and bring friends.


Clear and Easy to Understand. Readily accessible content builds skills quickly. Available on any device, anywhere.


Concise and engaging video sessions, perfect for down times on the drive.


Practice key concepts and skills with accompanying exercises.


Whether they are using their workstation, their smart phone or a slate device, they can learn their way.


Whether you’re a drive manager, service manager or running fixed operations, you can see your teams performance!

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